Home insurance: Security for your property!

Home insurance offers you protection against fire, burglary, water damage, vandalism. In addition, home insurance is one of the policies that everyone should have. Finally, it provides insurance cover for home items that are damaged or lost by fire, tap water, storm, hail, vandalism or robbery. In addition to the pure property damage, the home insurance also covers arising costs for clearing, repair, transport and monitoring of the damaged objects and hotel accommodations for the owners. Since there are numerous providers in this industry, it is worthwhile to carry out a price comparison before applying for home insurance.

For whom and what is insurance coverage?

A home insurance covers all movable property in the insured's home, such as doors, windows or fitted kitchens. Home insurance therefore covers damages to furniture, household electronics, clothing, as well as food and bicycles located on the place indicated in the insurance policy. Objects, which are located on terraces, balconies and loggias, as well as in shared rooms of the house, in outbuildings and garages, are generally insured.

Home insurance quotes comparison: External insurance

In the context of an external insurance policy, the place of insurance can be expanded and the temporary home can be temporarily protected in holidays. Depending on the contract, the external insurance is usually three months and worldwide. So if you are often traveling, you should pay attention to policies that offer this service. Consumers should compare not only the prices, but also the services of home insurance. On request, further enclosures, such as the covering of overvoltage as well as elementary damage, can also be insured at a favorable price. Package solutions are usually cheaper than individual insurance companies at different providers.

On what do the home insurance quotes depend?

The premium of a home insurance is determined by the amount of the insurance sum, the individual inclusions and the location of the insured premises.

Value of home

Many insurers calculate the insurance sum by means of a fist formula. Balconies and terraces are usually not taken into account. However, insured persons can also make an inventory list of the home contents and thus determine the insurance sum.