Particularly in the case of car insurance, much can be saved through the help from car insurance brokers. A timely change in car insurance can save hundreds of money and still provide the usual protection. Make sure you have the right insurance for your car at the best price-performance ratio and through choosing the best one of car insurance brokers.

What do car insurance brokers provide:

- Online support
- Comparison of numerous suppliers
- Special tariffs that suit you
- Adjustment and reassessment of the insurance

Car Insurance Comparison - How It Works:

The comparisons take into account the different prices and services. Should you find the right insurance for your needs, you can request a quote directly. Simply enter all the data you need in the comparison calculator provided by car insurance brokers. On this basis the offers of various insurance brokers are determined. The result will be displayed directly and you can compare the offers quite calmly.

When can I change my car insurance?

As a rule, the insurance can be terminated at the end of the year. At the end of the year, the various insurance brokers are therefore increasingly focusing on this area and are creating new and favorable offers. If your previous broker increases the contributions, you have a special right of termination at any time. You can then cancel your contract within four weeks after the increase has been notified to you. 

What is ‘ Car liability insurance ’?

Car liability insurance is a statutory compulsory insurance. As with any other liability insurance, the insurance covers damages that you inflict on others. In the case of accidents, the insurance company will bear all costs incurred.

What is ‘ Partial liability insurance ’?

The partial liability insurance replaces damage to your own car. Glass damage, storm damage, theft of the car or its parts, hail damage and wildlife damage are the most important insured dangers. When, for example, the windscreen is damaged by a stone impact, the partial liability insurance covers the incurring costs. In this case, it is irrelevant whether the windscreen is damaged by a stone strike or by its own fault.

What is ‘ Full liability insurance ’?

Full liability insurance extends partial liability insurance by self-inflicted damage, or e.g. vandal injury. Vandalism damage is caused by damage to the car by third parties. Unlike in the case of partial liability insurance, a damage-free discount is charged in full liability insurance.