What is life insurance?
The secondary market for life insurance purchases and sells well-paid old policies from customers. For investors who need security, this could be an option. But there are a few hooks.

Pensions and life insurance offer their clients guaranteed benefits in old age, for example in the form of a monthly pension or a one-off capital payment. Both products are, however, more than pure retirement products.

Many banks require a risk insurance policy to be able to repay the loan in the event of an emergency. In this variant, the insurance sum is determined by the loan sum.

Why should I buy life insurance?
Life insurance combines the advantages of private retirement provision with the financial security of family members - starting with the start of the contract. In addition, customers can also protect themselves against risks such as accidents or occupational disability if they buy life insurance.

In contrast to private annuity insurance, the financial security of survivors is integrated into life insurance.

With the capital life insurance, the customer can provide for retirement and at the same time secure his family. The customer is paid a single insurance sum, which is made up of his paid contributions, the guaranteed interest rate and the company's surpluses.

If your children are still young or you are just building a house, you should think about how to protect your loved ones in the event of a fall and buy life insurance. At least the financial component can be covered by a life insurance. You would like to protect your family or a credit with a risk insurance or to relax your retirement thanks to capital life insurance? Make sure you are in the best of cases! Life insurance offers you excellent solutions for every life situation.

The amount of the insurance sum depends on personal needs and can be freely chosen. However, the higher the insurance sum, the higher the premium.