What is apartment insurance?

Basically it is the same as a household insurance. The objects belonging to your apartment are insured, i.e., the contents of the apartment named in the policy. This usually includes all furnishings such as furniture, carpets, pictures, technical equipment, mirrors, clothing, etc.

Keep in mind that most insurance providers have special provisions regarding valuables, money, securities, some technical equipment, and collectible items. Often, for example, the granting of insurance cover in the event of damage to such items is linked to specific storage arrangements.

Insured risks

Apartment insurance or household insurance is a bundle insurance. This means, as a rule, the following sections are included:

- Fire protection
- Storm insurance
- Water supply insurance
- Glass insurance
- Private liability insurance
- Burglary insurance

Apartment insurance helps you to secure created values. With the calculation according to usable area there is no underinsurance, damages are replaced at new value and not at fair value.

Insured are not only damages to the entire property, but also cash, jewelry, painting, wallpaper, flooring, electrical, gas and sanitary installations and much more.

Your insurance cover

Apartment insurance offers optimal protection for your entire housing content. It performs in the event of damage by fire, direct and indirect lightning strikes, storm, tap water, burglary, glass breakage and many other dangers.

All areas can be insured as a package or individually. The insured items belong to the apartment items. Often an insured event causes not only property damage, but also additional costs for cleaning up, transporting and storing the insured apartment rate or hotel costs. In these cases too, apartment insurance covers part of the costs.

Whether you are an apartment tenant or owner, whether you need small or large living space, most of insurers offer you right insurance package for a safe apartment.